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New protocol – new competence areas

When launched in 2012, IPv6 marked the new era of internet. Since then, IP addresses are assigned to devices in a different way so that now there can be hundreds of trillion individual addresses. The need for that highlights the immense device growth worldwide. For this change, not only network equipment vendors like Cisco and Juniper have expanded their product portfolio. Implementing IPv6 and everything that calls for change due to this new era has created a new field for experts.

IPv6 expert on the market

When it comes to IT expertise, you will often find the best of the best on the contract market. Same applies to IPv6 specialists. Therefore, if you need an IPv6 expert for implementing, testing and evaluation of IPv6 functions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will analyze your specific needs and deliver the most qualified IPv6 expert from the contract market, with relevant experience and high motivation.