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Our expert customer relationship management (CRM) specialists have helped some of Europe’s largest companies and successful startups to improve customer satisfaction with a consequent impact on revenue and profitability. 

Our CRM experts are adept at using a variety of analytic tools and processes to identify interactions, channels, and people who have the greatest impact on the quality of a company’s customer relationships. 

Having experience with CRM systems such as Oracle, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics, our experts can assist you in choosing the best customer relationship management solution for your company. They can also help train your staff on the new system, and advise on best practices for future growth. As they are equipped with skills in business processes, partnerships, and customer service, they can work with you to create effective practices and processes.

Among the key tasks that our CRM experts have worked on are

  • Develop a data-driven Google map application that uses extensive server-side JavaScript to take advantage of the Microsoft AJAX extensions.
  • Establish vendor relationships and develop promotional programs that include defining promotional offers, generating print and email collateral, and tracking ROI.
  • Lead architecture, development of predictive models and application development for dashboards and alerting services based on statistical calculations.
  • Provide further support with HTML, CSS to enhance web pages and improve user interface.
  • Create SQL views over the feed assist database to provide support for your CRM system.
  • Design and create an application to link data between the CRM and ERP systems.

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Frequently asked questions

My company’s needs are very specific. Will you be able to find the right person for the job?

We always start our process by asking you a series of questions so we can better understand your exact needs, what issues you wish to be resolved, what skills you need, and the working environment they’ll be working in. 

We will search within the 20,000 independent contractors in our network, but we will also search the broader market if needed. Then we select the most qualified and experienced professional according to your requirements. We also look for patterns that indicate high performance, such as the length of relationships with previous customers and recurring projects with the same customer.

This process generally takes between 1 and 5 days. After that, we will send you the CV of 1 or 2 hand-picked candidates who we believe are the best fit for your specific project.

How soon can the independent contractor start?

Our independent contractors are available to start as soon as you require. 

Is there a minimum number of hours for hiring a contractor?

There is no minimum number of hours for hiring our independent contractors.

Whether you require someone to work hourly, part-time, or full-time, we have experts available according to your requirements.  

Do your independent contractors work remotely or onsite?

Our experts will be able to work remotely or onsite, depending on your needs. 

Is there a fee for finding an independent contractor?

Our selection and screening service is completely free and without obligation. 

You only pay when the independent contractor begins working with you. 

How much does hiring an independent contractor cost?

We offer low prices compared to the quality we provide. It’s partly due to our business model’s efficiency, and partly because we make sure to always get experts who have the best fees and quality in the market.

What happens if the independent contractor turns out to be not a good fit?

In the event that an independent contractor does not meet your expectations or if circumstances change unexpectedly, we quickly find a new one for you.