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Software architecture – where abstraction meets reality?

The right software architecture is extremely crucial for the success of the system. Just as the skilled software architect can create a foundation for success, a bad software architect can create the foundation for failure.

We believe that a software architect generally speaking must be attached to the work done ’hands-on’ that are created in the development of the software. If this connection is too weak, then the guidelines will become too hard to follow, and they will be ignored by the developers of the company.

A high level of abstraction combined with a sense of pragmatism, great experience and a strong knowledge of computer science, are the skills we look for when we pick the strongest software architects for our customers projects.

Software architects for your project

The software architects chosen by Right People Group have great experience working as developers. As we are able to choose freely from the market, we typically choose consultants who also have specific experience with those precise types of problems and solutions that your company faces.

– Enterprise-architects

– Business architects

– Solution architects

– Information architects

– contractors in SOA-architecture

The roles are rarely completely dividable and an assignment typically contain elements from several different roles.

Are you in need of a strong software architect then contact us and we will offer you a free assessment of which type of consultant you need and the price per hour.

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