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Our price model

It’s free of charge to get our selection of a perfect consultant for your project. Right People Group only charges you, if you decide to hire one of the consultants we present.
We run the entire process of searching, selection, and quality assuring without any commitment for you as a customer. Normally the process takes 1-4 days.
Our price level is low compared to the quality we deliver. Partly because our business model based on independent consultants is efficient, partly because we always ensure to get the best solution in the market both in terms of quality and price.
As a client, you write the contract with Right People Group. If a consultant gets sick or against expectation turns out not to be the ideal fit, then we quickly find a replacement for the consultant.

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How we select the consultant

We always run a broad process to make sure we find the best match in the market for your project – both in terms of skills and price.
The consultant manager that you are in touch with at our company is also the one who runs the entire process of finding and selecting your candidates. All our consultant managers have higher education and are analytically skilled. This allows them to understand which role you are looking for and the technologies and skills involved, which is crucial for the ability to find a consultant that will generate the results you are looking for.
We invest heavily in developing channels and methods that allow us to reach out to as many relevant consultants as possible and our procedure is highly efficient.

The consultant manager selects the most qualified consultant for your task and takes an interview to also assess experience and personality in relation to your needs.
Typically, we will get back to you within 1-3 days with 1-2 CVs together with an explanation of why we think the presented candidates would be a good fit for your project.
Read more about our selection process

Read more about our process

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You can fill in our sign-up form in just one minute. You select which regions you want to work in and your competences.
In this way, you only receive projects relevant to your profile. If you want to apply for a specific project, you just email your CV to the mentioned email address, and the consultant manager in charge will get in touch with you.
We guarantee full transparency: You will always be informed throughout the process and always know at which price we bid you in to the customer.
We never send your CV to a customer without your consent.
It is always one single consultant manager running the entire recruitment process for a specific project. This allows them to know the client, the project and the next steps, and keep you well-informed throughout the process.

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IT infrastructure as business enabler

The technical or IT infrastructure is composed of the hardware, software as well as the network resources and services. All these components together allow an organization to set up and operate an IT environment. A good IT infrastructure can, in fact, not only be linked to better IT solutions and services for employees and other stakeholders, but also to real business benefits, like higher productivity and growth as well as improved control and insight of managers.

Hire infrastructure experts

When it comes to your technical infrastructure, you should not take any chances. It is better to spend the resources needed on installing it correctly to ensure future productivity and growth. We recommend you to hire a expert contractor in technical infrastructure to guide you or to execute your projects. Depending on your specific requirements, Right People Group can deliver contractors with the right experience and competence. Simply contact us and you will get an expert as soon as possible! Read more about specific areas within IT infrastructure: