Machine Learning Engineer

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Expert machine learning engineering

A machine learning engineer offers support to companies  on various machine learning software engineering projects and tasks. A good machine learning engineer has a strong background in software programming combined with excellent analytical and communication skills.

Your machine learning engineer in action

A machine learning engineer is responsible for carrying out machine learning development at a company. If you need the help of a skilled consultant that knows the area of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we have many experienced contract professionals in our network who can be hired right away and remain at your company as long as you require their services.

Our machine learning engineers have assisted many organisations with:

  • implementing machine learning algorithms
  • setting up machine learning tasks
  • carrying out software development tasks
  • testing, documenting and offering solutions as problem arise
  • collaborating with other technical team members

Our machine learning engineers have a strong background developing software solutions in C++ and/or Java. In addition, these experts have experience with data mining algorithms and machine learning principles. If required, we would be happy to provide a professional with additional specialised experience with, for example, deep learning or artificial intelligence.

Reasons to hire a contract machine learning engineer

In our experience, many companies gain value by bringing in external experts for their specialised IT projects. Our contract machine learning engineers have achieved expertise in machine learning development and engineering. Seasoned collaborators, these professionals will contribute from the start, offering support and insight to your current technical team on a flexible basis.

At Right People Group, we carefully pre-screen each new consultant in our network, which means you are guaranteed a contract machine learning engineer with a proven level of successful delivery offering their services at attractive rates.

Please let us know more about your current requirements. Once we’ve heard from you, we will quickly send you a free offer for a contract machine learning engineer who best suits your needs. Since we follow a no-cure, no-pay policy, you are welcome to select among the contract professionals in our network for no upfront fee.