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Developing a strong technology strategy

An interim Chief Technology Officer (CTO) helps companies develop and implement technology strategy for a specific period of time. A good CTO has sharp analytical and leadership skills combined with excellent technical knowledge. These professionals expertly align technology and business strategy, always keeping the big picture in mind as they deal with day-to-day details.

Your interim CTO in action

A CTO oversees many aspects of technology development for companies. If you need to hire an interim CTO for your business, we have many highly skilled experts in our network who can be placed in your business right away, for however long you require their services.

Our interim CTOs have helped companies across a wide range of industries by carrying out such tasks as:

  • leading strategic development of technology
  • implementing more efficient technology and technological processes
  • analysing current technology and advising on how it can be improved
  • ensuring the IT department is running effectively and smoothly
  • aligning technology and business strategy as well as defining goals
  • liaising closely with both technical teams and management
  • setting technical standards and ensuring these are followed

Reasons to hire an interim CTO

As we have seen, technology plays a key role in ensuring the efficiency and success of an organisation. Our interim CTOs have offered their expertise to many companies, and you will benefit from the experience they have acquired. Since these professionals are hired on a contract basis, they can be placed strategically in your business as needed.

The interim CTOs in our network have both proven leadership skills as well as a strong background in IT. These professionals can help your company build a solid technology strategy that addresses both your current business needs as well as paves the way for continued success and productivity in the future.

Please let us know about your requirements at this time and we will quickly make you a free offer for an interim CTO who suits your needs. At Right People Group we follow a no-cure, no-pay policy, which means you are invited to choose among the interim CTOs in our network for no initial fee.

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