How we cooperate with our customers

Working with Right People Group is simple, quick and efficient. It is free and there is no obligation to take on a contractor bid for any given task.

When you contact us with a specific need, we will start by asking a series of questions to give us a better understanding of your exact needs, what issues you wish to resolve, what skills you require and in which context the consultant will be working.

Once we’ve finished, we’ll start the process of finding the ideal candidate for the job. Firstly, we’ll make a detailed search of the contract market with the specific job assignment details. We then begin the selection process. The entire process generally takes 1-5 days in total, after which we’ll get back to you right away with the CV of the pre-selected candidate who we believe to be the right consultant for the job. We will also inform your of their hourly rate and include a detailed report on why we think he/she is right for the job.

Over the past several years, we have worked with many customers and have gained solid knowledge of their organisations, employees and projects.

These customers have used our well-earned access to the contract market as a source of inspiration and knowledge. Our consultants’ extensive expert knowledge, combined with their neutral, unbiased opinion of products and other interests, makes them highly qualified advisors within their specific fields.