Konsulent jobb – Management Consultant, Oslo (28.04.2020)

For en kunde i telekom søker vi en Management consultant.

Lead 2 projects within Customer Care, and assist in process mapping with Delivery Manager:
1.) Springstar project: Coordinate ongoing projects and initiatives to ensure that Customer Care delivers on Springstar ambitions (May-Sept)
– facilitate and coordinate CCI, chatbot and other channel initiatives to Springstar project management
– facilitate and coordinate CC Training plans to accommodate Springstar training needs with other stream leads in Springstar project
– facilitate and coordinate CC management team weekly status meetings for Springstar to ensure collaboration and coordination with CC Operations
– be SPOC for Springstar activities in Customer Care

2.) Start up and lead Common Knowledge Management project in Customer Care (May/June):
– Assess & estimate work needed for processes and standards for knowledge management for all brands in Customer Care.
– Define processes based on Best Practice (COPC), common standards and plan implementation.
– Implement re-defined processes, standards and align content in knowledge bases.

3.) Help on mapping / documenting processes for the Delivery unit recently (June, August)
– Assist in assessing & estimating work needed for defining to-be processes for Delivery unit in Customer Care & Delivery
– Assist in defining and mapping to-be processes and plan implementation.
– Hand over implementation to line managers

Start: 04.05.2020

End: 30.09.2020

Workload: 100%

Workplace: Oslo

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