IT Programmer

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Technical support and expertise provided by an IT programmer

An IT programmer writes and tests codes for computer software and operating systems. Depending on your particular needs, you may need an IT programmer who has broad general technical and programming knowledge or a specialist with a particular focus and field of expertise.

The right IT programmer for your company 

IT programmers are the technical worker bees who write code as well as maintain and debug systems. If your company needs an IT programmer, we have many experienced contractors in our network with a range of backgrounds. We can deliver our professionals with only a few days notice – for however long you require their services.

Our IT programmers have taken on tasks for our customers such as:

  • implementing, developing, and testing programs on multiple platforms
  • integrating new functionality into existing applications
  • writing code and adapting it to multiple systems platforms
  • testing, maintaining, and debugging software
  • developing and collaborating on new features
  • working on teams and collaborating with other programmers and IT staff

If you need an IT programmer with particular knowledge, for example, a DevOps background or experience with backend development, we would be happy to match you with a professional with the right skills to meet your needs.

Receive a free offer for an IT programmer for an onsite or remote position

Since 2007, the recruitment agency Right People Group has successfully delivered hundreds of contractors to organisations across Europe and the United States. Our experienced IT programmers can either be delivered onsite or work in a remote capacity. These professionals are available for projects and positions of all lengths and sizes.

At Right People Group, were have many returning customers because we are very committed to delivering professional consultants at a competitive price in a quick and efficient manner. Part of our success is due to our unique organisational model: One consultant manager oversees all parts of a project, from clarifying your needs, to running the entire recruitment process, as well as handling all contractual details and questions that may come up at any time during the process. This means that information is not lost in hand-over and we successfully match both the hard and soft skills essential to every project team.

If you need an IT programmer for your company, please get in touch to see what specific profiles we can offer at no obligation.