Python Developer (Remote), Published: 24.11.2021

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👇Project description:

A startup that we have as a client is involved in a project related to the automation of statistics in sporting events at an international level. This tool in development will automatically obtain data and statistics of the athlete and the objects that involve the game. Live statistics will be obtained and, after having validated the PoC, at this point it is necessary to develop matters relating to player recognition, ball tracking, etc.

You will have work flexibility. At the beginning of the project, the client will explain what needs to be developed and it will be up to you to propose to do it in more or less time depending on the hours you want to do a week. There will be at least two meetings per week with the Director of Marketing, the Director of Operations, and a doctoral professor in robotics. They will be follow-up meetings to present the work carried out, resolve doubts, establish the course to follow, etc.

Tasks to perform:

  • Unify and implement image recognition libraries.
  • Programming.
  • Implementation of physical algorithm models so that when there are unrecognizable points for the data tracking tool, it reaches assumptions in the most probable scenario. (Eg Tennis, the ball leaves the camera socket and depending on how it came out and returned to the court, it is understood that the player made a lob).
  • There will be a final part of transferring knowledge to someone internal to the company.

Location: Remote.
Full or part time: Flexible.
Date approx. start: ASAP.
Estimated duration: 6 months
Language: Spanish or English.

Essential requirements:

  • Python.
  • Image recognition libraries (Yolo, Tensorflow, etc.).
  • Github.
  • Computational Networks.


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