Expert in Agile Methodologies y Microsoft Azure (ESP/ENG) – (Madrid), Published: 11.03.2019

We are seeking an expert in Agile methodologies (Lean/Kanban/Scrum) and Azure with more than 5 years of experience and capacity to manage people and work in teams.

Place: Madrid, Spain.
On-Site / Remote: On-Site.
Date of start: June.
Duration:  968 hours (6 months). Full-Time
Language: Spanish or English.


  • The Features Team BackLog owner is accountable of:
    – Making sure that the Features Team can deliver Standardized and Platform services according to the defined Board rules;
    – Making sure that the Standardized or Platform Service requirements given by the other Teams are not ambiguous, inaccurate or incomplete and that the Customer Team has prioritized the Services According to the needs of the Use Cases.
  • Adjusting the process to the demand by:
    – Resizing the team according to the needs;
    – Assuring that the team has the required skills to respond to the demand.
  • Keeping the process current and efficient by:
    – Creating and updating the Kanban rules;
    – Updating the Estimated Time of Delivery.
  • Taking accountability of the board flow by:
    – Adding or removing steps to the process as required;
    – Optimizing each step of the process to achieve the maximum efficiency;
    – Participating in all the meetings with the other Kanban Leads or Product Owners related with the global process;
    – Attending all the Features Team ceremonies and giving guidance and leadership to the team in those ceremonies;
    – Technical Sessions will require guidance about implementation oriented to Infrastructure as Code, configuration of the involved Azure Services, and publication of the services in the tools (Bitbucket, Ansible, Jenkins, ServiceNow) and in the catalogues.Process Review Sessions will require guidance about how to follow the defined process, how to follow the Kanban Rules, and how to analyze what the board is showing.

What are we seeking?:

  • Effective collaboration techniques
  • Conflict management
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Empathy
  • Technical knowledge and basic understanding of:
    • Overall Azure Services, and ability to learn and understand new Azure Services;
    • Cloud native application patterns;
    • Azure PaaS overall basic infrastructure;
    • Azure Security and Operations;
    • DevOps culture and principles;
    • Development of Infrastructure as Code with ARM Templates, PowerShell and Azure Automation.
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deliver with Jenkins and Ansible.
  • Able to work independent to bring product from customer requirements, described product, created product to tested product into Production.


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