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EPiServer 7 – Even smarter content creation

EPiServer 7 is the latest version as well as a major upgrade of EPiServer’s CMS. One of the most important aspects that have been addressed in this version, is the so-called content without borders, which means that content can be reused across all units and sites. In the same connection, this gives responsive design editors and developers opportunities to work with the CMS from any device while having the same functionalities. EPiServer 7 is also equipped for complex needs , which among other things includes personalization, automated approval processes, assigning different access rights and the like.

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There is no doubt that EPiServer 7 is a good choice of CMS that will help your developers and editors to get their work done faster, and in that way create more relevant and personalized content to your users. If you need an expert EPiServer 7 consultant, do not hesitate to contact us at Right People Group. Based on your specific requirements, we can deliver the best contractors to your new or upgraded EPiServer 7 solution. Offers from our contractors are free!