Don’t be afraid of AI: 3 ways artificial intelligence can make life easier for you as a freelance consultant

There’s no doubt that AI (Artificial Intelligence) and automation will transform our job market significantly. But how do you as a freelance consultant navigate in an industry where automation and AI take over parts of your daily work?

Being concerned about how AI and automation will change our work lifes is valid enough; big changes are ahead of us. A study from the McKinsey Global Institute shows that robots and intelligent machines can eliminate about 30% of people’s jobs globally by 2030. McKinsey also predicts that automation will eliminate between 400 and 800 million jobs by 2030, which means that 375 million people would be forced to find a new career path.

Despite these predictions, there’s no need for freelance consultants to be sleepless at night. In many ways, AI and automation will actually benefit the work of freelance consultants.

Here are the three main reasons why AI will make life a lot easier for you as a freelance consultant:

1. AI makes data collection more efficient and helps you create results

The point of AI is to generate technology, which imitates human beings in the best possible way. However, just like any other technology AI robots are much faster and more thorough than the average human being.

Data collection is a huge part of a consultant’s work, but AI will be able to help you collect accurate data much more efficiently than done by a human. By integrating AI in this process, you as a consultant will be able to save both hours and energy on data collection.

Yet, it’s also important to notice the benefits of more accurate, technology created, data collection. With precise data, you will e.g. be able to help the customer to optimize offers and services targeted for the individual customer and thereby improve the customer’s return on investment (ROI) and the effect of your efforts as a consultant. Happy customers are, as you know, good and often returning customers.

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2. Artificial intelligence can assist your administrative tasks so you can focus on your core business

A report written by Sage shows that an average smaller company spends about 120 days a year on administrative tasks. Of course, this amount of time is probably exaggerated if you are an independent consultant.

However, it’s a fact that you spend a huge part of your precious work time on administrative tasks. These are weeks, days, and hours that could be used in far more rewarding areas, such as outreach or actual projects.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will be able to help your company handle management tasks such as billing and payout management, record keeping, low payroll, and much more.

This way, you can put your entire focus on where it gives the greatest benefit to your business.

3. Let AI give you a helping hand with marketing

As a freelance consultant, you probably use a lot of energy to market yourself in order to get new projects.

The new forms of digital marketing, which have occurred with AI and automation, can help you do marketing in a much more efficient and time-saving way.

Automated mail systems make it possible to send tailor-made emails at the right time to achieve maximum engagement, which would otherwise require a lot of your presence in front of the computer.

In addition, you can get a virtual chatbot to assist you with marketing work and customer service. An example of chatbots is seen on Facebook and LinkedIn, where frequently asked questions are answered by a chatbot. This eliminates hours spent answering phone calls and messages as well as the managing of orders and bookings.

Thus, chatbots allow you to spend your hours on more customer-focused tasks, which in the long run will contribute to the overall productivity of your company.

All in all, AI and automation will result in far smoother, time-saving, and targeted project processes, which makes it easier for you as a freelance consultant to focus on the most interesting tasks and the things you do the best.

Let’s get AI implemented in your business!